The Student Union houses have different premises available for free or a small fee for student union members to use for meetings, gatherings and even the occasional party.

Premises in Åbo


There are several different rooms at Kåren available for student use. The available rooms are: The Ball Room (Festsalen), Övre Aulan, Frimärksrummet, von Knorringska, Dining Room (Matsalen) and Argentinasalen.

These premises may be booked for meetings, parties or other events.
All food and beverages are ordered via Café Kåren.

How to book a room at Kåren:

Mondays to Wednesdays, 17.00-21.00:
Student Union members may book a room for meetings or sports by contacting our Service Expert.

Other times or purposes:
Contact Anne Peltonen at Café Kåren, by phone 02 215 3703 or e-mail: She is reachable for questions and bookings on weekdays. You can also order all refreshments via Café Kåren for events in Kåren.

When you’re booking a room for parties or other events, remember to leave time for planning. If you want to host a party in the fall it’s advisable to make a preliminary booking already during the spring, and vice versa. Remember to confirm your booking!

The Marli Room (Marlirummet)

You may rent The Marli Room that is accessible via the back yard of Kåren.

Book the Marli Room in the student union webshop (in Swedish).

The sauna in Kåren

The sauna in Kåren needs to be booked at least one week in advance. The sauna is booked for whole hours. The sauna can only be heated between the hours 14 and 23.

Book the sauna in the student union webshop (in Swedish).

Premises in Vasa


The Living Room
In Havtornen there’s a large living room that the students can use. It’s furnished with couches, tables an chairs, and also has a small kitchen. From the living room you can access the terrace with view over the inner harbor. It’s a great place for relaxation, a cup of coffee and some relaxed reading. If you prefer to bring your own food instead of eating in the student restaurant you can heat your food in the kitchen.

The Meeting Rooms
Two meeting rooms are available for student associations and students. The rooms have internet access.

In Havtornen there’s a sauna that fits 20 people.

You can book Havtornen using the student union webshop (in Swedish).