Contact Information

The Student Union Offices


Contact us Mon–Fri noon–3 p.m.

Kåren, Tavastgatan 22, 20500 Åbo
02 215 4650


Contact us Mon, Wed, Thu noon–3 p.m.

Havtornen, Inre Hamnen, 65100 Vasa
06 324 7225


The Secretary General

Jasmin Öberg
02 215 4652

The Students’ Rights Expert

Petra Lindblad
02 215 4655

The Communications Specialist

Mari Saloniemi
02 215 4656

The Service Expert in Åbo

Markus Heikkilä
02 215 4650

The Service Expert in Vasa

Amanda Ehn
06 324 7225

The Executive Board

Chairperson of the Board

Joonas Karlsson
+358 50 401 3524

Vice chairperson

Veera Granroth
Educational Policy in Åbo (national issues and student affairs)

Members of the Board

Niklas Grönholm
Educational Policy, Social Policy and International Affairs in Vasa

Axel Wilson
Social Policy in Åbo (national issues,health, equality and connections to the City of Turku)

Julia Liewendahl
Student Traditions in Vasa (student associations, events, freshmen and tutor organisation)

Lukas Akantu
Traditions in Åbo (student associations, events, freshmen and tutoring organisation)

Emma Lundström
International Affairs in Åbo, Communication and Business collaboration

Finance department

The Chief Executive Officer

Susanna Häyry
 045 167 2426


Viktor Holmquist

The Marketing Coordinator

Jonathan Nyström