Advice for Students

Harassment Contact Persons

The Student Union has a Harassment Contact Person that all Student Union members are welcome to contact if they experience any sort of disturbing or unwelcome behaviors or situations involving other students, University staff or anyone else.

The role of a Harassment Contact Person is to give support and advice if you’ve experienced bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment or violence. You don’t need to have a definition in place for what you’ve experienced; just contact us if there’s anything you wish to discuss. Anything you tell us is confidential, and no action is taken unless you say so. It’s always the Student Union member that decides what the process is, what kind of support one can refer to, if the matter is taken further with name or anonymously. In short; anything from talking for a while to helping out with filing a report with the police or going to the doctors.

Our Harassment Contact Person is Ms. Petra Lindblad. You can reach her via the address You can usually find me at the Student Union Office at Kåren in Åbo on weekdays between noon and 3 pm, but I can come and meet you wherever and whenever is best for you.

Together we can discuss if and how to proceed. We keep all matters confidential.

ÅAU also has a webpage on Support for students regarding harassment.

Legal Advice

As a Student Union member you are entitled to legal advice. You can turn to the legal counsellor in matters of inheritance, housing (e.g. tenancy agreement), taxation, employment etc. Please notice that writing or making contracts don’t belong to the counsellor’s work description, but they can give you useful legal advice.

The counsellors are situated in Åbo. You can visit or call the legal counsellor every Tuesday between 18 and 19.

Address: Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY), Yo-talo, Rektorsåkersgatan 4, B-building, second floor (045 843 3428 – NB: only call this number during the hours mentioned above). The counsellors speak fluent English and the service is free of charge.

Student Priest

Mia Pusa is the Student Union’s own priest in Åbo. If you want to talk about issues concerning religion or life in general, you can always contact Mia. She is at the Student Union office (Tavastgatan 22, 3rd floor) every Tuesday 13-15. You can also call (040 341 7308) or e-mail her: